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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

54 Days

Here's how 2017 is going so far:

  • I've registered the domain There is nothing there, but I have it until 2019 and intend to migrate...because 1.) I could put the URL on a business card, but I'm heading into my 40s.. and 2.) I've been learning Ruby and I need some kind of blank canvas upon which to do things.
  • I've done zero additional Spanish learning at this time, but I have made a convenient bet... which I am thinking I should make into an inconvenient bet. Basically, I have agreed to have a conversation with a specific Spanish person on June 1st, 2017. This person determines the topic and whether or or not my Spanish is sufficient. If I don't pass....I buy her dinner. If I do pass... Duncan buys her dinner. Either way, she gets dinner. The conversation of a more drastic stake came up (e.g. I clean her apartment). After a month of avoiding anything Spanish... I feel like this is a sufficient threat....
  • I've had to take care of two teenagers on work experience interns within a month. It has been exhausting, but I think I have a good plan for (specifically) games teams who have to take in such an intern. I will share this information here soon. I looked all over the internet and found nothing particularly helpful. I hope to put up a program that others can follow that is minimally intrusive to their workflow and gives maximum value to "the kid" embedded in a team. I think it's easy enough to implement. 
  • I'm tired all the time
  • I found a great chiropractor.

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