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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Office Police: Harrowing Tales of Project Management

I'm working on a crime drama loosely based on my life as a project manager. Here's a sneak preview of Episode 1 "The Whiteboard Marker Bandit"

Rayvan Bronx: Thank goodness you made it, Office Police. You have to catch the s.o.b who keeps stealing my precious whiteboard markers.

Office Police: Ma'am, the Office Judge granted us a search warrant. There are thousands of whiteboard markers in your home. And, like, six sticking out of your pockets right now.

Rayvan: (sobbing) Alright, alright... it was me! You caught me, damnit! I'm addicted to whiteboard markers. I don't even realize they're in my pockets anymore (long, snot-filled sniff) Please help me. Help...Me... Office Police... Please. 

**End Scene**

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