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Thursday, April 20, 2017

109 Days

How's my driving? Nearly halfway in and here's what I've been up to...
  • My longest Duolingo streak: 31 days. Cuánto español puedo hablar? Más que Mike N.
  • Back to School: My project management course is under way. The streber in me rejoices.
  • Breaking Bones: See previous post
  • Coding/Ruby: Kind of backseat at the moment. I will revisit this topic in August. I think my new rig will help (see below)
I got a really nice new laptop yesterday. You can't see it, of course, because I don't think it can take a picture of itself. Maybe... I've avoided Windows 10 for a while now and haven't taken a look at the feature list. Anyway, my phone is also all the way across the room and I'm really comfy on the sofa under all these blankets, so you'll just have to trust me on this one. 

The whole thing was an early birthday surprise from Duncan and, I think, a clever ploy to get me to stop schlepping my work laptop between the office and home. Or maybe a clever ploy to get me to start playing the games in my Steam library that have been sitting there for years now. Either way he's a smart dude. 

I was pretty touched by the whole gesture. Most of the stuff I've owned (aside from clothing) falls into the "new to me" category. And, specifically, most of the electronic devices I've owned fall into the "old to Buche" category. PCs, phones... um... a coffee maker. Also much appreciated gifts, because they helped me stay connected and... caffeinated.

I like how things are moving right now. At least on the private front. Work, as always, is a challenge and right now I'd call it my biggest professional challenge yet. I'm anxious to see how I'll manage to survive the coming months, but I hope to have a good (or at least optimistic report in a few months).

Also, I didn't forget about that intern thing... I'm just way on some other shit at the moment.

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The Beech said...

I gave you a coffee machine? can't even remember, but lucky you! ;)