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Friday, July 22, 2005

Playing catsup

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Some of you know and some of you don't, but I arrived back in the States last Thursday -- my departure basically as hasty and unorganized as my arrival. Despite the horrible head cold that plagued me during the plane ride to NYC (and the 7 hour train ride to the Frankfurt airport) I was pretty psyched to be back in the US and about seeing my Non-Sexual Life Partner, Katie, and a host of other Smith alumnae, including: Courtney and Hannah (for the former's Weetibug initiation on Saturday) Jess and Sabs (for an Edison One reunion special and chinese food good times on Tuesday). So many in-jokes, so little time.

In fact, I was so psyched that I remarked to Jill, a fellow CBYX program participant, that I could do my "so- happy-to-be-here-interpretive-dance-in-the-form-of-an-irish-jig if I didn't have this pesky cold."

So, in an act of infinite kindness, Jill offered to perform the dance for me. Even though her version was not an irish jig, I think it accurately conveys the emotion of the moment

Oh man, white girls are crazy! You can get them to do just about anything on film!

*sigh* *wipes single tear from eye*

Currently, I'm takin it easy in Park Slope, BK and on Monday, I'm flying back to OKC. I'm terribly looking forward to seeing Crew 52 (especially since Bianca is now a registered nurse -- also she's 24 today, Happy Birthday, B!), La Familia Brooks, chicken fried steak, central air conditioning, driving and last but not least -- brushin off them haters...

And that, my friends, is what has been poppin in the streets.

It's pancake time.

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Anonymous said...

yea raven!

if i don't check this as much as LJ, it's your own damn fault.

btw, vice magazine is the devil and should not be on anyone's favorite anything. yes, i have actual reasons to support said opinion and only one of them has anything to do with derekh's unpleasant ex.

see you soon!