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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Jiminy Christmas

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I talked to my brother Remington on the phone the other day. I'd had gotten myself into a couple of altercations (of the verbal nature) on Wednesday that left me quite heated, to say the least.

After being extremely pissed off for damn near two days, I decided it was time to make a call to my (not-so-lil-anymore) bro. He's a cool guy, definitely one of my best friends and, best of all, he never pulls any bullshit with me, which has been my main beef with more than a few people lately.

I was looking through a photo album (which prompted the idea to talk to him on the phone). I found a picture of him and his best friend, Tunde (one of my "brothers from another mother"). It's a very funny picture. One that I would have posted without permission, but I had a feeling that Remy would not have appreciated its publication. After discussing the photo with him on the phone, I discovered that my feeling was indeed correct.

So, instead, I'm posting another picture of him that I found.

I think it's almost as amusing as the original photo that I wanted to upload, but only because when I saw it, I immediately knew exactly what he was saying and the intonations of the words that he said when it was taken. Really, taking the facial expression and hand gesturing into account, there's only one thing that he could be saying.

And I'm pretty sure that when he sees it, he'll know what I mean.

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