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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Dave's turn

"You dumb bastard! It's not a schooner, it's a sailboat!"
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My sisters Gillian and Robbyn have been really nice to me in the past few days. Gillian bought me a DVD player that she saw on sale at Target and Robbyn is going halvsies with me on new TV (since my old TV "somehow" made its way to my brother Darron's house -- joke's on him, though, because my old TV has a sticker on it that says "I <3 Ben", which is how I identified it as mine in the first place).

I mean, it's not that I think my sisters are big ol' meanie-bo-beanies...I'm just saying that those were pretty unexpected (and much appreciated) acts of kindness on their part. So, I've decided to not make fun of them on my blog for the rest of the month. I will, however, probably continue to make fun of them offline, should the occasion call for it.

Instead, I'm going to make fun of my brother-in-law, Dave (Gillian's husband).

Just kidding, I'd never really talk smack about Dave, because he's a cool guy who makes awesome coffee and even keeps to-go cups ready for visitors who happen to drop in.

Dave studies Computer Science at the UCO (University of Central Oklahoma). He's way smart and often tells me about programs that he's working on writing. I like hearing about it, even though it requires an awful lot of concentration on my part...

Anyway, a while back, I was at my sister's place and noticed a couple of Dave's textbooks out on the desk. One of the textbooks being the one pictured above. I'm not gonna front like I'm some kind of computer expert...but c'mon...sailboats?! When you think about it, the cover is almost mocking the computer's a portrait of a bunch of things that are way more fun than learning about database systems.

And while I found that textbook cover mildly amusing, I found the next one to be just plain perplexing...

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It's baby dinosaurs. Using PDA's. It's clearly the result of many people smoking a lot of drugs. The upside of this book cover is that I think they somehow made at better attempt of making that technological link ...but the baby dinosaur thing...what?!

The big dinosaur is all like "Hooray! My baby harnessed the power of iTunes!"

Well, you're extinct now, bitches. Fat lot of good it did ya.

The cover artwork does make the subject matter less cold and calculating, so I suppose that's kind of a good thing, too. In a way, I'm kind of jealous. I wish my college textbooks had random know, spice things up a bit.

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By the way, that kangaroo isn't's just asleep. Awwww....

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