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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Filler Post #7 - Notes from today (where today is actually yesterday)

It's not going to be fun or easy, but I'm going to have to reduce the size of my mom's garden. This will involve uprooting her rosebush, strawberry patch and some other small trees in our front yard. I'm not looking forward to doing it, but after spending the better portion of the afternoon pruning and weeding...let's just say, I don't want to add "landscaper" to my rapidly-growing list of new-found "hobbies". The good news is that I can wait until the end of the month, when she's supposed to go to D.C. for awhile. This is good because I would rather not raze her precious plants in her presence (pineapple not included )

In the world of other good news, I found out that Rhino Records, loveable scamps that they are, have released the Ray Charles' album Dedicated to You on CD. My dad = really big Ray Charles fan and has been searching for this album for (at least) the last 3 years. I could have ordered it for him online from ebay or gemm, but I'd still end up having to digitize it and 1.) my turntable is a.) not that great b.) resides at Gillian's house momentarily and 2.) my soundcard...also not that great. Long story short, I know what I'm getting Dad for Christmas.

I have a love/hate relationship with Okayplayer. On the one hand, I like to stay abreast of OkayArtist news and releases (btw new Blackalicious album due at the end of the month). Also, I can get my daily Boondocks fix. On the other hand, too much Five Percenter action in the forums, and that's not my thing.

However, I found two OKP gems yesterday. The first being the following quote from the front page news update section:

"When Kanye said that Bush doesn't care about Black people, why did the camera cut to Chris Tucker? Does Bush especially not like Tucker? Could it be for not taking part in the latter Friday movie installments? And who told NBC that Kanye West was good at following scripts in the first place? Tell 'em why you mad, Kanye!"

Personally, I think Chris Tucker made the right choice about not being in the 2nd and 3rd Friday movies...because they suck.

Anyway, I also stumbled across a thread that contained a link for a song talking about how G.W. don't like black people using Kanye's "Golddigger" beat...nice :-D

The first song on that page is dope too, btw.

Hmm...I was just thinking about that episode of The Cosby Show, when the family was lip-synching Ray Charles' "Night Time is the Right Time" and Rudy was doing that "Bay-bay!" part...oh man, that was a good episode...

I need to go to bed.

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