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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Filter Post #8 - Empty promises

I'll make a serious attempt at updating tomorrow.

I was gonna go to the State Fair this weekend, something I haven't done since...high school...I think. Yeah, I'll go with high school. And although I was kind of in the mood for a corn dog and some funnel cake...the report on the local news about deep-fried twinkies and oreos and candy bars kinda just turned my stomach a li'l bit.

Anyway, I like to think that I had just as much fun with Robbyn, the beer she purchased, and Kung Fu Hustle. To top it all off, it was also a special-order curry chicken and roti weekend...which I'd take over an indian taco (hmmmm, lemme see) any day.

Thaaaaaat's about it, though. Nothing else really comes to mind and until something else does, you can peep the Chuck Norris Random Fact Generator (brought to you by the makers of the Vin Diesel Random Fact Generator).

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