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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The Weeeee-kend!

It's pretty weird to say that my weekend starts today, but it feels good nonetheless. What's on tap, you ask? Spending some QT with Austin, cause he's moving back to his chicken coop in Amherst. (Well, actually he told me awhile back that his wood shack/chicken coop/temporary-crib-in-the-woods got torn down by either the police or UMass or a little of both). Either way, sadness...because he's good fun.

*****abrupt topic change****

When I got home from work today Robbyn told me that she finally caught up on all of my entries and she called me strange for about the 200 billionth time, but this time because of the recent Ninja entry.

Apparently she didn't quite "get it", so I had to explain, which takes all the fun out of a joke. However, then I thought that other people might not have understood it either, which just makes the whole post seem real retarded (which it is, but you know what I mean...more retarded).

Anyway, if that was the case with you, then #17 may help. And if it doesn't, well then you're hopeless...and therefore dead to me.

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