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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Something to ponder

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It got pretty hectic in the kitchen yesterday, while I was making breakfast, so I enlisted Tunde's help for the hash browns and we sent Remy to the store to get something to drink. Tunde said that he wanted some fruit punch drink and I told Remy that they sell Hawaiian Punch at Dollar Tree. I would say Haiwaiian Punch most certainly falls into the category of "drink" because, let's be basically just sugar, water and (of course) red. It's like 5% juice from 7 different fruits and the label says that it's the "Fruit Juicy Red" Flavor.

Not only did Remington come back with a bottle of Hawaiian Punch, he found the little gem pictured above as well. My mind was blown. It's not cranberry drink, nor is it just cranberry juice. It's a beverage with a serious identity crisis.

However, I'm personally a little skeptical classifying it as drink -- simply because they're making way too much out of that 100% Vitamin C thing.

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