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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Taggy McTaggersons

The best part is that there's a list of wines on the back that they recommend to drink along with the!
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In retrospect, I'm glad I fought the sulky feeling I'd been having all day in order to go Gillian's house. I got some scrumptious food and an early, unexpected Christmas gift to boot. Gill and her husband Dave got me a 5-pack of those Jones Soda Co. holiday flavored drinks. None of them sound particularly for the Pumpkin Pie...cause I loves me some pumpkin pie, biatches. But I'll toss them suckers in my mini-fridge, until they're nice and chilled, and give them a whirl over the next few days.

I shall begin with the Brussels Sprout Flavor...just to get it out of the way.

Anyway, after tagging him a few days ago Wonfuzius tagged me back with a request for a list of "seven favourite movies of the week/all times or whatever"

And because I love him...I shall honour his request with my list of "Seven Movies That Are Historically Significant To My Emotional Development (in no particular order...other than numerical...)"

Note: Limiting this list to seven choices was not easy, so it's kind of an incomplete list (to say the least). But I won't bitch about it.

1.) Ghostbusters

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Back in the day, when we didn't have a VCR, my dad rented one from the neighborhood grocery store. Along with the movie Ghostbusters. It was the first movie that I saw without commercial interruptions. I was young and it scared the crap out of me, but it was my first "movie experience" until I stepped into a movie theater for the first time, a few years later, to go see Who Framed Roger Rabbit

2.) Big Trouble in Little China

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This movie...oh I could mist holds a special place in my heart. Eventually, my parents bought a VCR for the house and we taped this movie from the TV and watched it over and over and over and over (you get the point). China is here, bitches...

3.) The Delta Force

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I've discussed this movie before, but Robbyn got me the DVD for Christmas...I'm tres excited...

4.) Hard Boiled

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I went through a "phase" where I watched a lot of action movies that came out of Hong Kong...before Hong Kong went back to China and all of these cool-as-hell actors came to the U.S. to make shitty movies. This movie always reminds me of that time.

5.) Army of Darkness

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Bruce Campbell is the man. Remember the show The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.? Yeah...fuck you, FOX.

6.) BASEketball

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In all of my life, this is probably the movie that I quote the most. this day. From "Oh just hanging out...playing Nintendo" to "You guys call me bitch 13 or 14 more times and I'm outta here!" to "Chicken poo?" You have to see this movie if we're going to be friends.

7.) Surf Ninjas

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It's got the kid from the movie Red Sonja all grown up like and Rob Schneider plays a high school student (even though he clearly looks like a guy in his 30s). And Tone Loc is in it...and Leslie Nielson...and ninjas. Also I learned the very important life lesson that money doesn't buy knives...hilarity, I say. Hilarity!

Runner up:
- The Beatles in Help!

That is all...

I tag Cupcake, Katie, Aliya, Sara...and whoever doesn't have a blog and wants to post in the comments.

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