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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Answering machine follies

"Who all seen the leprechaun? Say yeeeaah!!!!"
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The picture and corresponding link above have absolutely nothing to do with this post, but it's the funniest thing I've seen all damn day.

I finally got around to checking the answering machine tonight. I'm pretty sure I'm the person who checks the machine most frequently, since Robbyn has her own cell phone and my dad merely uses the machine to screen his calls (he doesn't want to give in to paying for caller ID). Because the phone bill isn't in my name, I also don't want to pitch in extra for caller ID...and since it's not that often that people are calling my house to talk to me...I merely just check the messages and delete the ones I deem to be unimportant.

I thought I'd record a few of my favorite messages from my most recent screening and post them here for your enjoyment. I think you can get a pretty good feeling of what it is like to call my house. For the record, my room is in the back of the house. I have a phone, but I don't keep the ringer on unless I am expecting a call, so I don't hear shit unless I'm in the living room. The first lady who is talking...yeah, she obviously dialed the wrong number...hard to imagine, because I think I'm being quite explicit when I say, "Hello, you've just reached the Brooks' residence, please leave a message after the tone." My oldest brother, Darron, has recently become BFF with my's weird, but he calls like 10 times a day...

Anyway, now (more than ever) I want to record my Aunt Helen (the 3rd person on the answering machine), she just cracks me up. Also I would like to take this time to tell my brother Remington:

Jesus Christ, your goddamn cell phone bill and don't use me as your contact person for them. I'm tired of dealing with these bitches already. You've got five sisters...why me?!

Listen up
(you may have to right click and save the file to play

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