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Friday, March 24, 2006

Filler Post #25 - Vengance is mine!

February 12th, 2006 was a very horrible day for work. Granted, each day I go to work at my current place of employment is automatically a pretty sucky day. However, that particular day was quite taxing, because absolutely nothing went right and the poo-poo icing on that crap cake was that I was verbally assaulted by one of my co-workers...I shall call him Todd, Self-Proclaimed God of Roadside Assistance...

The boring backstory

See, what happened was that one of our all-knowing customers -- who are always right, mind you -- was stranded in Bullhead City, Arizona with a tow truck and a rental car that he mistakenly filled with diesel fuel (how he managed to fit the diesel fuel nozzle in his Ford Taurus is another question altogether). The problem was that this guy was on his way from Flagstaff, Arizona to Anaheim, California, where he had a 6:00am meeting at some large business-y place.

The problem: he put in the diesel fuel and broke down in Williams, Arizona, which is about 50 miles away from Flagstaff, where we have a rental location and where he was supposed to be towed into for an exchange. However, this guy somehow convinced the tow driver to take him to Bullhead City (170 miles from the breakdown location), because the customer "didn't want to backtrack". Unbeknownst to our clever customer and the tow driver, the counter at Bullhead City closes at 5pm on Sundays...and it was like 10pm by the time he got there. Long story short, nooooooothing is open (bus stations, taxis, our competitors) and this guy is stranded and absolutely has to make it to Anaheim in the morning.

The part that upset me a lot (also boring)

So, even though I get the call first and am trying to assist this douchebag, I happen to get disconnected and the guy calls back...this time getting an entirely different person...Todd...who proceeds to totally hijack the case I'd been working on for an hour and a half. Then, he has the audacity to come and bitch at me because I was already working on the situation and he didn't have the foresight to try and contact me to let me know that the guy had called back.

He comes stomping over to me shouting, "What is going on here?!" And I'm trying to give an explanation of the situation, but he starts cutting me off, saying "Bottom line!" Repeating that over and he was bailing me out of some kind of muck I had created.

Sounds petty, I know, but it really ticked me off. I hate him for that...and I can hold a grudge like a muthafucka. Screaming at me in front of everyone (especially when I had done nothing wrong) was completely uncalled for.

Sweet, sweet revenge

I called my sister Cristal to pick me up from work today, as it was crazy cold and it had snowed(!) On the way home, I saw some flashing lights and as we approached I saw two police cruisers that had stopped this little white car. Since I wasn't the one driving, rubbernecking seemed like a pretty good idea and fortunately it was one that paid off, because two officers wrestling Todd to the ground and handcuffing him.

I'm a sick bastard...but that was poetic fucking justice.

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