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Friday, March 17, 2006

Hm, a few irish coffees before work doesn't sound like such a bad idea beer
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I don't feel particularly well-rested this morning. I had this dream last night, one of those "Hi, it's me, your subconscious, I'm trying to tell you something"-dreams. Except instead of the usual dream scenario bizarreness, e.g "Well, I dreamed I was diving into a pool full of Vick's Vaporub...while coked-up monkeys tapdanced in hula skirts...what do you think that means? No, none of that for me. I think my subconscious felt it had to break it down for I'm retarded or something.

So, now I'm awake...but tired...and a just a smidge offended at myself for insulting my own intelligence. Hey, brain: not cool, dude...not cool...

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