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Friday, March 31, 2006


"FREEEZE-UH, LAPD!!!" I just keep watching this over and over. Oh, how I wish Mad TV was funny like this all the time.

A few quick things:

1.) I need to get my shit in order, all quick-like. I'm hoping that this new added pressure is going to give me the much needed kick in the ass that I need. However, I fear that it's just gonna give me a much un-needed stess-induced ulcer...which is what I think this pain in my side might be. I don't ulcer or a tumor...I should get it poked at by a doctor or something, too bad I have this need to make money.

2.) I've got 26 days to quit smoking. That's right boys and girls, April starts tomorrow and the big 2-5 (aka my cut off date) is on the 27th. You wanna know what to get me? Nicotine patches, with cash donations as a close second, followed by a new job. Or just do that thing you normally do. I'm gonna start this quitting thing early, so as to not become a heinous nic-fit bitch. Still, the stress of quitting + the stress of uprooting again = someone's gonna get stabbed in the eye this month.

3.) Don't Shoot the Puppy

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uttermost lamps said...

This was one freaking funny episode