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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Filler Post #27 - "I made my family disappear..."

Adding insult to the injury of the events of the past week, our AC is broken. Normally mid-April this wouldn't be such a problem, except it seems as though spring has somehow skipped over Oklahoma and we've gone straight to summer with temperatures in the mid 90s for the last few days...combined with oh so delicious humidity.

So Robbyn and I have opened windows and placed fans strategically around the house and the two of us have just been like hanging out in the dark for the past few evenings until we come up with a plan to get it fixed.

On my way to the coffee machine this morning, I passed the dining room table. We had a nearby window opened with a fan propped in it and there was this squirrel sitting in the windowsill and just looking at me.

Grr at stupid, hot house without air-conditioning
Grr at squirrel scaring the crap out of me before my morning coffee.

Um...and happy birthday, Remington...

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