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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

My computer monitor weighs a ton

Adventures in Packing Pt. 2: Parting with my stuff

My family and friends make out like bandits whenever I leave town, due to the fact that many of my "prized possessions" simply will not fit in my two suitcases and shipping them is much too expensive. I take what I can and divvy up the rest amongst those closest (distance-wise) to me. This time, my dad seems to be the Chosen One.

I broke down my stereo a couple of weeks ago and gave it to him so that he could play his music in the living room. Robbyn wasn't too happy about that, since her room is close to the living room and my father has a habit of blasting The Eagles "Life in the Fast Lane" very loudly, very late at night. However, this doesn't bother me much at all since my room is at the back of the house and I mostly listen to my music through headphones.

I'm also planning on giving my dad my trusty ol' frankenstein desktop. I've had the thing for about seven years and have taken it apart and put it back together so many times, that there's just not that much inside of it that was there when it was bought. We've had some good times, indeed.

Anyway, I mentioned to Dad that if he wants the computer, he might want to think about getting a new monitor (since the one that I had was kinda starting to crap out on me - making it the second monitor in this computer's life to do so).

So today the man comes home and is like, "Well, I did a little bit of horse-tradin' with ol' Harold and I got another monitor for your computer." (Harold's the guy holding up his fist in the picture with my dad.) Then he proceeds to haul this monstrosity of a monitor into the house while directing me to clear a space on my desk for it. To just call it "big" seems somewhat of an understatement..."gigantor" is a bit more fitting...but it works and I pretty much pick function over style every time.

And it only cost my dad four very-used tires from his pickup truck and one never-used winter coat issued to him by the U.S. Government.

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