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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Hey, don't you guys got some furniture to put together or something?

I love this game!
(Except change "love" to "tolerate" and squeeze in the phrase "after a six-pack of Jever" between "game" and "!")

Yesterday, Won and I watched Trinidad and Tobago pound Sweden into teeny little bits that will later be made into particle board, which will be used to make "put-it-together-your-own-damn-self" furniture and sold in Ikea stores all over the world.

And by "watch" I mean that Won and I sat in front of his TV for 45 minutes looking at a little round ball NOT go into a net, which -- and I'm not an expert here -- I thought that was the whole point of the game.

And by "pound" I mean that since neither team actuallly made any goals, the final score was 0:0.

Apparently, however, this is a very, very good thing. It's just like winning, except ignore that whole part where you were told all your life that the person with the most points is the winner. In fact, I think I like it even more than regular winning. You can produce absolutely zero results, but as long as you can just prevent the other guy from getting anything done as well, you're a freakin national treasure. A lowest common denominator victory. Me likey.

Anyway, Won and I left during halftime, because hey...who wants to watch a game where no one is scoring? Not me. We went to the Stadtpark, met up with André and some other airplane people, drank beer and grilled and sat in the sun. The fire department was driving around putting out fires in trash containers (which was pretty dull and I didn't make André take a picture of that). However, there were some kids messing around with this keg and that was golden to me, so I made Dré get right on that with his camera phone.

"Fiiinaaale, ooohoo-ohhh..."
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Then, much later, I met yet another guy named Christoph.

Hey, here's an idea -- and no offense to the Christophs that I already know -- let's retire that name. I'm tired of talking to other people about my friends here and being like, "Well, you see, his name is Christoph, too...but, like, we call him Sir Albert McMagnadoodle III...cause, um, there are like 5 other guys also named Christoph that we roll with, but he's like the third tallest. Nahm'sayin?"

Anyway, I gotta wrap this up as my left ass cheek is getting numb sitting on this floor. I just wanted to tack on this other video at the end of the post. I would quite like to try doing this, just not by myself...

because it sends the wrong message to people

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