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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Loktown Hi-Life

For some reason, the last few days I've been going to bed later and later...and thus, waking up later and later. After months of a fairly tight schedule, I've suddenly found myself with ability to sleep in. Take this morning for example, I was dreaming that I had slept in until 4pm (I think it was my body subconsciously chastising me for my laziness or something). Anyway, I started to panic because it felt like I had really been asleep for too long. Then I rolled over and looked at the clock only to see that it was actually only like 8:30am.

So basically I was like, "Fuck it" and went back to sleep for like 2 more hours, but now I'm awake and ready to face the day...right after I finish this entry, and brush my teeth, and shower...and have some coffee...

Last night, I met up with Toby for dönerlicious good times. Then we headed off to this park where we sat around pretending to be trendy hipster faux-bums...which is basically where you're young and beautiful (e.g. me and Toby), but you sit on a park bench smoking and drinking cheap beer out of plastic bottles. Normally this action is reserved for old, ugly bums...but, since we're young and beautiful, it's hip and ironic (see also: yuppies drinking PBR)

André needed some "space" last night to do his part for The Revolution ;)

So right now I'm staying in my friend Mo's dormroom, since he's away for the weekend. I don't think I've written much about him here, but I'm sure I will get around to it soon, because he is just very funny to me. The best thing to do is to set aside a whole day for an adventure with him because at the end of the day, you're like "What the hell just happened?!"

Anyway...I need that shower now...and that coffee...

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