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Monday, June 19, 2006

Super Troopers

Say it with me now: "To alcohol, the cause of and the solution to all of life's problems."
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I "officially" turned 25 yesterday. Or is that unofficially? Ok, what I mean is that I turned 25 about two months ago, but I'm just now getting around to the celebrating part. André promised me a birthday party and then his roommate, Prof. Dr. Ahlers, and I spontaneously decided on Thurday that Saturday would be the big day.

It was short notice for a party, but he pulled it off in classic André-style. What more can you ask for? He arranged for the beer, invited the guests (who also brought beer) and provided the music. I didn't have to lift a finger...unless you count the fingers I need to raise a beer bottle to my mouth.

Well, that, and I also had to sober up from a party that I went to on Friday at Buche's, which was not as easy as it sounds. I was very intoxicated and apparently did a lot of dumb shit that I don't remember...but people have been kind enough to remind thanks a lot guys.

Anyway, the key is to just get that first beer down and then you're well on your way to getting tore up for the second night in a row... (click below for more)

I met a cool new person on Friday -- Trini-Mutti. She's all British and German and Trinidadian (a most excellent combination). I have second-hand information that after Bu ran out of beer, the two of us drank two bottles of wine and talked much shit. I don't actually recall the topic(s) of conversation...or the two bottles of wine...but we did exchange numbers and she showed up to my "birthday party" ... where we got drunk again...and talked even more shit...which I mostly recall. Trini-Mutti is good people and we'll have to kick it again.

My one complaint in regards to the shindig, is that Prof. Dr. Ahlers though it would be a great idea to play a drinking game called Meiern.

Note: I couldn't really find an explanation of the game in english, but that wikipedia entry sounded closest. Basically, you have a pair of dice and a cup, and then something to rest the cup on. Person 1 shakes the dice in the cup and then looks at what they rolled, but doesn't show any of the other players. They just announce to everyone what they have. Then they pass the dice to Person 2 who has to roll a higher number than Person 1. Or Person 2 can just simply lie and say they rolled higher. Person 3 has to decide whether or not they believe Person 2, so they have they option to either uncover the dice (if they think Person 2 is lying) or leave the dice covered and try to roll a higher number than Person 2. If Person 3 uncovers the dice and sees that Person 2 lied about which number they rolled, Person 2 has to drink. If Person 3 uncovers the dice and sees that Person 2 wasn't lying, then Person 3 has to drink. Everyone has to drink when a 21 is rolled.

Let it be forever known that I hate this game. With a passion. As big as the sky. First of all, it combines two things that do not go well together at all for me: alcohol and numbers. Second of all, it requires one to be skilled in the art of deception, while also drinking alcohol. What this means, is that I totally suck balls at this stupid game.

I'm a horrible liar and numbers confuse me. Especially German numbers with their whole "two-and-thirty" (32) business. Especilaly after 4 beers. First I have to pay attention to the number that the person before me says, to figure out how likely it will be for something to believe me if I have to lie. Then once I roll, I have to figure out what number it is...and if it's higher than what the person before me had.

IF I successfully complete those two highly complex tasks...THEN I actually have to say what I rolled, which could come out as "three-and-twenty"(23) instead of "two-and-thirty" (32). By this time, I'd have been holding the dice for 5 minutes and I look like a moron. And if I have to lie about the numbers that I rolled, well I'm pretty much screwed...because I can't lie for shit. Which means I have to take a lot of drinks, which makes me even more unable to grasp how numbers work, which means more drinks...and so on. I hate that game.

We packed it in around 4am and once again Trini-Mutti and I were among the last ones standing (André was standing, too). Ok, technically we were sitting, but we were all conscious...barely. We had a lovely conversation about something that I don't remember completely and then I drunkenly went on about how I thought Sir Albert McMagnadoodle III is very cute.

But, as they say, it's all fun and games until you wake up the next day and spend much time paying homage to the porcelain god. It was a pain that not even döner (gasp!) or a half a chicken could fix.

But dudes, you should have been there.

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