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Friday, June 30, 2006

Tastes like burning

Seriously, Penny Markt sells just about anything you can think of...hella cheap
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I recently got back from my brief mini-vacay in Altona where I kicked it old school style with Wonfuzius for a 2-day morale building seminar. Sometimes it's just nice to get away from the hectic hustle and bustle of the city, while sleeping in someone's kitchen/living room/dining room/laundry room.

Ok, so Wonfuzius only lives about 4 bus stops away from André...but I do sleep in his kitchen when I stay over there. It's actually quite nice and I give the place 4 out of 5 stars. Excellent host and hospitality, there's always beer, I get free reign over the remote control, and the sport facility is top notch (did I mention he lives on the 5th floor? Well, in Germany it's only the 4th floor).

My only "complaint" is his lack of ability to make a shopping list. This is the reason why he's got more cake and ice cream than you can shake a stick at, but when we arrive back at his place drunk and hungry at 2am our only choices are the aforementioned cake and ice cream, nutella by the spoonful, or extra spicy thai noodles (purchased in large quantities at Penny).

Of course I went with the thai noodles, since they are the closest to being meat flavored and basically I want to almost exclusively consume meat when inebriated.

However, "extra spicy" doesn't even come close to describing the sensation caused by eating this stuff... "Devil's ass inferno hot" is a little closer...or just plain "Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Motherf***er!" captures the feeling quite accurately. I was really hungry though, so I persevered...tears streaming down my face and all.

But I mean, aside from the possible nerve damage I caused to my face from eating the soup (which -- who knows? -- it could be seen as an improvement) I had a fun time...especially showing Wonfuzius just how much fun German patriotism can be when you're walking home drunk late at night/early in the morning.

Sheesh, you'd think no one ever handed the boy a German flag before ;)

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