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Friday, June 09, 2006


Today is the opening game of the World Cup (i.e. insane soccer lovefest) in Germany.

If I made a list of things that I don't really care about at all, soccer would probably be right up there, I don't know...just looking at what's around me in this room...let's say, wooden japanese swords...and the "Optimization of Lightweight Structures". Sure there are people in existence who care a great deal about the aforementioned things (soccer included), but I am not one of them.

The sport's only redeeming quality -- nay, the redeeming quality of just about every spectator sport ever -- is that you can get shit-faced drunk and run around screaming like a maniac and it's really no big deal (until, of course, someone gets hurt). In fact, you could probably get on any bus or train in this city, start singing "Football's coming's coming home" (and so forth). Guaranteed, before you get to your stop, you've got more than half of the other passengers signing along with you.

That said, in answer to the question, "Are you gonna be watching the game?" I find I must reply with a resounding, "Hell yes".

Won's got two cases of beer left over from his birthday party and I need any excuse I can get to cover up my raging drinking problem.

Note to self: Trinidad plays Sweden tomorrow...permission to substitute beer with rum is hereby granted.

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