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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Things go better with RC and Dré

Guess where we live?
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Newsflash #1: I love record shops. Of course, there's the obvious reason: I l-o-v-e love shopping for music. However, there's also a not-so-obvious reason, which is that record shops usually have all these little free booklets and magazines just sitting around their entrances.

Newsflash #2: I love free stuff :)

A few weeks ago, I picked up one such booklet, which turned out to be a "Guide to Germany's Best Record Shops" and it just so happened that three of the bestest stores in the country can be found right Hamburg...outstanding! So André and I decided that we would make a pilgrimage (pilgrimages?) to these places. You know, kill some time...and some money...

For those of you who don't know, record shopping with André is always a very intense affair. Technically, it's something we do together, but only in the sense that we arrive there together using the same mode of transportation and then we leave at the same time and get back on the same bus/train to get home. But from the moment that we enter the store it's like straight tunnel vision to the music racks and then maybe we bump into each other at some point at the listening stations.

Today we started out around 1:30pm and headed back home at 6:00pm. We only went to 3 stores and, between the two of us, we bought 4 albums (For the curious: Soul Position, Portishead, Redman and Aerosmith -- now guess who bought what). Not too shabby.

Sadly, the dude at the last record store totally lost our business for being a complete ass about the little plastic covers that are used to protect the albums. He claimed he didn't want to include them with our purchases because they cost 20 cents a piece (which is pretty much bullshit). The guy ended up giving André two covers anyway, but he was such a cockbag about it...

I mean seriously, cool little store...but what a cockbag.

Newsflash #3: Cockbag is the word of the week.

Anyway, um...oh yes, last night while wandering around the Schanze, we came across the Jesus Freaks Club...or something. Upon closer inspection, it looked more like a bakery.

But their merchandise webpage is the best of all, because you can see things like this:

click to see larger picture
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I'm totally know who's getting a "Coffee & Jesus: All I need" t-shirt for Christmas.

Last but not least, here's a picture I took of myself in the bathroom:

Hey guys, how bout we get a little stool for me to stand on in the bathroom. Just a thought.
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