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Monday, November 20, 2006

I've infiltrated ur family and I'm stealin' ur parentz

Happy Birthday, Andre!

Yet another friend of mine has joined the "Late-20s" Club...and not just any friend, but one of my bestest Non-Sensual Existence Companion...and I said it before and I'll say it again, chil'rens...the Turk to my JD. I wish him the best a man can get*.

To celebrate the occasion, Andre's dad (Papa Schmidt) came up from Dortmund this weekend. I love this guy. He reminds me of my own pops, minus the heavy artillery. I vote that we invite him to Hamburg for Christmas Taco Time**.

Papa Schmidt gave me a bunch of ADAC (German AAA) maps of the United States. Why?! No friggin clue, but it was so cute***. When he spoke to me, he always made sure that enunciated his words ve-ry clear-ly.

Last but not least, this evening he provided me with the most hilarious commentary on American child-naming practices that I've ever heard:

Papa S: So your name -- Raven -- does it have a particular meaning?
Me: Well, in German it's der Rabe.
Papa S: No, I mean aside from that...
Me: (looking clueless)
Papa S: I was just wondering if there was another meaning. I mean in Germany, people aren't named after objects or places or animals like that. The Standesamt (registry office) wouldn't allow it. It's like if I were to give my child the name Gartenzaun (garden fence) or Knopf (button). Or a Dortmund.

It was precious, really, even though I didn't mention that there's gotta be at least a few unfortunate souls in the U.S. with the name Button or Buttons...

and we didn't even get around to debating his son's "3rd first name".

*= That's right...more cowbell
**= This suggestion was vetoed before I even hit 'Publish Post'
***= Seriously, how did Papa Schmidt know that I used to collect (National Geographic) maps? I really did, I shit you not.

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