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Monday, January 29, 2007

I'm getting too old for this ish

I know it's not quite what you were expecting, but don't you feel like you were right there...standing behind Andre, while he fiddled with the sound equipment? 'Cause that's exactly how I felt...
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The Good News: I managed to actually bring my camera with me AND take it out of my bag on Saturday. The Bad News: I only took three pictures. I swear, I need to hire a person to follow me around and take pictures of the things I do. In return, I will offer this person the awesomeness that is hanging out with me as payment.

Any takers?

After an afternoon of running some errands, I ended up at Andre's crib where I chilled on his sofa while he ironed his bandanas. I only mention this here because I told him that real G's don't iron their which he responded, "I'm not a G, I'm a German."

That boy sure loves to iron.

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We headed out to help set up for the party (and eat free pizza) around 8pm.

Now, pretty much the entire goal of this party was to get rid of the surplus beer from the first party back in December. About forty-five minutes into the shindig, I was kinda starting to have my doubts.

But around the hour mark, people started to trickle in. By 11pm, there was a pretty decent crowd and I'd say by about midnight the place could be officially described as packed. There were even a few surprise guests, like Vinodh...and French Christoph*

Brief Interruption: I keep running into French Christoph everywhere these days. Many times when I used to bartend in RLH, he would come into the bar kinda late, and then stay 'til like 5-6am. On more than one occasion he was an eye-witness to some of my less than shining moments. He had a penchant for wearing socks and sandals, smoked Gauloises with a vengance and kept his busted-ass car parked in front of the dorm for literally years (even after he had moved out). Nowadays he wears fancy leather shoes, nice suits and cologne that says "Hey, my job pays very well."

Where was I? Oh yes, lots of people. So, anyway, at 11pm it was my turn to DJ. It went pretty well, I guess. However, it would have gone a LOT better if I had just played "Get Busy" by Sean Paul for 2 hours on repeat. Because if there's one impression that I got, it's that 20-year-old Germans only know how to dance to that one song.

How did I get this impression, you ask? Well, maybe it had something to do with the part where a bunch of people kept coming up to me to request the song (in itself not a bad thing), but -- and correct me if I'm wrong -- once a DJ plays a requested song, you've got to wait at least like an hour before it can be played again.

I shit you not, they were all like, "Can you play something danceable, like Sean Paul 'Get Busy'?"

And I'm like, "Dude, first of all, that song was just on and, second, are you telling me you can't dance to Busta Rhymes 'Fire it up'? I mean, that song contains the full power of the Knight Rider theme..."

And then they're like, "Knighty-whaty?"

And then I'm like, "Eat shit and die..."

'Cept I don't actually say that.

In the "I'm a music-genre-retard" category, a chick came up to me and requested some "old school R&B that you can dance to". So, I played "Poison" by Bel Biv Devoe, which fits all of the requirements she mentioned... then she comes back in the middle of the song and was like, "I meant something more like Madonna."

At one point, I noticed a guy wearing a white New Era cap in the corner, not dancing, just nodding his head**. Then for awhile I was playing music just for him, which lasted for all of 15 minutes...because I got tired of people coming up to me and saying "this song is too hard for me to dance to..."

which is just about the most pathetic thing I've ever heard. So I basically finished up my set playing the songs that I thought sounded most like a ringtone commercial, the kids loved it and I wanted to die.

However, afterwards New Era Cap Guy said he liked the music at the beginning a lot and that made me feel better.

When I started my bartending shift at 2am, the place was still packed, the surplus beer was sold out (and we were selling the barteam's stash), we were out of Bacardi, limes, and cola and running low on ice. Other than that, it was a rather uneventful shift.

The crowd was, needless to say, quite sauced. Right before I took the picture below, a guy came up to the bar and ordered two Long Island Iced Teas. I told him we were out of cola and rum. Then he was like, "Oh, well I'll take 2 beers then"

I wanted to laugh at him and ask why he went from wanting an L.I.T to beer, but I kept my mouth shut, because I didn't feel like mixing a cocktail.

Oh and here's the other picture that I took.

I hear there are Schwemer T-Shirts out there...
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Once I was done with my bar shift (3:40am) I volunteered to resume DJing. By this time I was tired, inebriated, and basically just played songs that I wanted to hear. New Era Cap Guy was still around and appreciated it and Alex even more so. By 4am he (Alex)*** was the only person on the dance floor and he was loving it.

Aw man, I should have taken a picture of that...

I, meanwhile, was being just downright bitchy to people coming at me with dumb music requests.

Guy: Hey can you play something a little more commercial?
Me: Fuck commercial. It's 4:30am
Guy: What's the time have to do with anything?
Me: It means go to bed, I'm playing grown up music now...


* = as opposed to the other Christophs: Toby, Buche, S.A.M III, Roessner (still haven't changed that font)...and the Christoph-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named. Anyway, I fear if they were all together in the same room, the world would explode.

** = New Era caps are a way of announcing to the world that you love hip-hop without actually saying anything. They're also a way of saying, "Hey, I like to spend money on expensive hats and then wear those hats at an angle and sometimes with a do-rag underneath."

** =
by the way, Alex, I think your blog got hacked, dude.

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