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Monday, January 22, 2007

Round 1. Fight!

Yeah, that's basically what it was like. By the way, I was Player 2
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If there's one thing that happened this weekend that I wish didn't happen, I suppose it would have to be the part where Toby thoroughly whomped my ass at Super Street Fighter II -- 45 times in a row.

I got him in a couple of rounds (and when I say "a couple" I literally mean like two...)

However, I do have my reasons for my poor performance:

1.) It's been, you know, like about/over 10 years since the last time I played


2.) I wasn't, like you know, used to playing this particular version of the Street Fighter saga...*ahem, cough*


3.) The space in my brain where I had been bunkering various video game special move combinations has apparently been cleaned out and replaced with computer/internet passwords, bank PINs, my mother's maiden name and other random answers to verification questions...oh and a sweet-ass margarita recipe.


4.) Toby shows no mercy for any of the above.

Anyway -- Street Fighter ass-whomping aside -- it was a highly entertaining evening. There's really very little more amusing than watching two adults shout obscenities for about 3 hours at pixelated plumbers running into lava, spikes and ghost turtles.

Which is why when The Revolution gets here, I'm going to offer Toby the position of Minister fuer SNES-Angelegenheiten (Secretary of Super Nintendo Affairs). The job comes with a lovely corner office and his choice of Yoshi or a Mario Kart as personal transportation.

Don't worry, we can work out the rest of the details at a later date :-)

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