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Saturday, January 13, 2007

"You are talkin' loco and I like it..."

I've been quite addicted to online streaming TV shows as of late. I just got tired of playing "Let's-walk-around-my-room-with-a-damn- TV-antenna-trying-to-get-optimal-channel-reception". The problem could have probably been solved with a simple drilled hole and a cable, but even if we had a drill...that's just too much work...etc. blah blah. After months of only being able to get NDR, WDR, Bayrischer Rundfunk, and MDR (ok ok and ZDF and KiKa when the weather is good -- which it rarely is in Hamburg), I turned to the internets to get my TV fix.

I got to watch shows like Lost and Heroes and 30 Rock and Entourage and Weeds and The Office...and so on and so forth. All in English and anytime I freakin want to...

Amazing, I tell you.

Too bad that I'm a TV glutton, because it probably would have been better to watch these series in small doses, rather than in huge chunks at a time.

Having gorged myself on streamed TV shows, I moved on to streaming movies. And...having caught myself up on the funny cinematic releases that I've been putting off for so long...I'm now at the bottom of the barrel...the dregs...the documentaries.

And not just any documentaries..."conspiracy documentaries"...because Google Video has a shitload of 'em.

What can I say? I mean, I love me a good conspiracy. Like, that was a good one.

Some people get their shits n' giggles from X-TREEEEEME sports and the like. However, for me, there's only a few things better in life than listening to people who are batshit crazy (Fledermauskacke verrueckt ?) pontificate about their batshit crazy ideas.

I'm not talking about "I'm-a-crackhead-I'll-stab-you-with-a-spoon" -crazy. That's not funny at all. 'Cause a crackhead will probably really stab you. I'm talking about "I'm-a-scientologist-handing-out- leaflets-at-the-Mundsburg-subway-station"-crazy. They will tell you some effed up stuff. Trust me, Mundsburg is apparently the Scientology Mecca of Hamburg. For reals, yo.

At this juncture I would like to make known that the official scientology headquarters in Hamburg is located in Eppendorf. So, while Barmbek may be "fugly" least we aren't home to the city's scientologists (*coughcoughbuchepassmalaufcoughcough*)

Anyway, my point is that I watched this movie, last night...and this dude is 3/4 retarded...and, um, 1/4...retarded.

But it was all comedy to me.

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