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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Filler Post #40 - Wherein I describe a bit about what I do, rather than actually doing it

It's currently still in the A.M. and my cold hasn't fully gone away. I kinda fear that I'm starting to look slightly coke-headish with the constant swatting at my nose to get rid of stray boogers and pieces of dead skin.

Last night, I dreamt about the little tube of Nose Better that Miss Fee gave me once upon a time. I still have it -- somewhere in Oklahoma...

I'm in the process of transcribing and translating two interviews at the moment. At first, I used to type out the interview in English and then go back and translate it into German. Now, I just listen and translate directly...unless I run out of time at work and want to finish it up at home (because I can't take the recording device home with me).

Personally, I prefer transcribing and translating the English interviews into German, rather than just transcribing the German interviews. It's hard enough deciphering what rappers are saying in my native language, with their crazy non-answers (e.g. "Basically, I approached this album with the same mentality, but a different mindset") and made-up words (e.g. "We spent the last year on tour foundating our fanbase").

Sad to say, but I can work with that. However, I'm not so good at understanding the German equivalent of rapper nonsense. I mean, you'd think that all those dictation excercises forced upon me in various German courses over the years should have prepared me for precisely this task. It's just listening to a recording and writing down what I hear. No problemo, done it a million times.

But everytime I do it now, I look down at the mini-disc player after what feels like an eternity, only to realize that I'm only in the second minute of a 20 minute interview and I haven't understood a damn word. Correction, the words I understand... but their context and meaning elude me.

Anyway, enough with the chitchat...back to the grind, yo.

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