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Friday, February 02, 2007

Networking Websites ≥ Crack Rocks

I can't stop, it's like chips (or so they say).

I belong to too many of these "networking websites" -- not so much because I'm into networking, as I am into stalking people when I get bored. On a slow night I can kill a few hours (and precious brain cells) trying to recall the names of people from long ago. I discovered I've forgotten a lot of last names, but then again, last names weren't that important in first grade.

Anyhow, I don't want to be BFF with most of these people, I just want to see what they've accomplished in life thus far or (in some cases) if I still hate their guts. Sometimes I actually do find people that I've been trying to get back in contact with for awhile (like my German host sister from high school) ... and other times, people find me that I'd just rather *shudder* forget that I ever met.

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Then, sometimes these people (from the latter category) send me messages, which sort of force me to further acknowledge their existence. I received one such message this morning. However, it was so oddly amusing/absurd that I really couldn't resist posting it here.

na du?
ich dachte du wärst nicht mehr in germany....habe versuchen dich ein mail zu schicken aber die adresse war irgendwie falsch...
ist das leben schön?
backspin? whoa!
ich hoffe dass du von da genau sehen kannst wie ghostface ...(fishcale,more fish)*
we are still n1 on this...the saga continue wu tang wu tang!
have a nice day

You may recall this fellow from my ill-fated Cologne "Creative Budgeting Plan" (aka Two Months Of My Life That I Will Never Get Back). You may find it hard to believe, but his German (and, dare I say, English) is actually much better than it was 3 years ago. Just imagine the words above being said with a French accent...I know I can.

Thanks to StudiVZ he found me and quite possibly could be reading this right now. I kinda hope not.

My favorite part is the "wu tang" shout out at the end. I wanna be able to tell people to have a nice day and then just back out of the room shouting "Wu Tang! Wu Tang!" over and over and over again...for no apparent reason at all (other than my own personal amusement)


But, most of the kidding aside, this is typically the kind of guy that I pull. Um, that and guys who run Doener stands...and (on the more rare side) dudes who are into vikings...which, if you think about it, basically explains my reticence towards relationships in general.

*makes 'L' sign with hand, places on forehead*



*= It kinda loses some of its charm in translation, but for the non-German speaking curious, I think this is what he's trying to say: "Hey you, I didn't think you were in Germany any more. I tried to send you an email, but the address was somehow wrong. Is life nice? Backspin? Whoa! I hope from there you can see how Ghostface...(Fishscale, More Fish)." The rest is in English, I think you get it. He reeeeeeallly likes the Wu-Tang Clan.

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