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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Sorry, I done effed it all up...

Vijita U.G., Asian Wizkid and International Pirate.
'Gators love her and I do too.

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While walking home from work today, it occured to me that I've been thinking it was Wednesday...all day long. I felt like an ass, since I had pretty much spoken to everyone I encountered as though today were really Wednesday, making tomorrow Thursday. I even wrote an entire email to someone that was pretty much based on that assumption. It kinda explains, though, why people were kind of looking at me like I was nuts.

Anyway, after this realization and before I had the chance to berate myself for my stupidity... an even more jarring thought hit me:

I TOTALLY forgot about Dr.U.G.'s -- a.k.a my oldest and dearest friend's -- birthday!!


It finally hit me what her cryptic comment from February 25th meant and now I feel like a complete asshole.

Jeeds, do you realize that this is like our 20th anniversary? Well, not your birthday exactly...but we've known each other for 20 freaking years! That's like a whole 'nother person, yo!

I'm such an asshole, but I'm mailing you something that will hopefully get there within a week or so. In the meantime, I want you to enjoy the "Vijita is Awesome, Raven is an Asshole" Birthday Mix. Click below to hear it.

Happy 26th, baby...


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