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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Notes for the day...and the Tuesday Playlist #3

Yeah, yeah, I'm quite aware it's Thursday and not Tuesday, but -- meh -- close enough.

You know the #1 thing that has bothered me today?

No, Raven, what's that?

Well, every time I go to check my email, there's like this picture of Angelina Jolie in the "news" section with a caption about how apparently someone like tried to kidnap one of her kids. I don't know which one or why or even exactly what happened...and really, I don't care. The thing I wanna know is why doesn't Angelina Jolie adopt me? Not that I want her to be my mom real bad or anything, but I think it could be quite a convenient solution to many of my momentary problems. Mostly because she's rich and all. Anyway, I don't get it so much. I'm brown and I've been told that I can be quite cute and often cuddly... ?

Ok, that last one is kind of a lie. I'm not really cuddly.

I was just thinking that it's kind of a sad state of affairs when you find yourself semi-seriously trying to research the process of adult adoption. Not that I actually did like an hour...

I think my main "problem" is that I'm not retarded (enough) and my parents are "too alive" for me to be adopted as an adult. Just my luck...

Anyhow, as promised, the playlist is below. For interested parties: Redman came out with a new album this week and I like what I heard...a lot. Also if you're looking for something different/good, you should check out that Strange Fruit Project. The album's from last year, but it's pretty tight, too.

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