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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Voyerism, the Google Analytics way...

Caught you red-handed, MissFee
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Following an idea put in my head by JenMyFriend, I've been kinda keeping track of my blog stats via Google Analytics since the beginning of February. Not because I care about ad revenue or anything (seeing as how I have no ads -- or at least I shouldn't), mostly because I like stalking my friends in my spare time. And not even really in my spare time...more like when I can't think of anything else to do...I just google my friends' names. My life is very very sad and uninteresting.

The photo above, for instance, shows me the geographical location of everyone who has visited my blog from February 27 through yesterday. As you can see, about 15% of my total visits are from New York City...more specifically from Walker Publishing.

I seent cha
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MissFee is my biggest fan.

If my heart were a baked potato, she would be the microwave that makes it warm and soft in a reasonable and convenient amount of time.

I think that's a song lyric just waiting to happen.

Don't worry, though, I see the rest of y'all too...

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