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Monday, March 12, 2007

The Weekend in Review

Four little words that every woman dreams of hearing one fine day. I know I do.

This weekend I:

* took a picture (see above)
* met a guy who speaks six languages -- three of which can be considered native languages -- making me feel highly insecure about the two measely languages that I mangle on a daily basis.
* partied like a rockstar. Minus the hookers and drugs...and the 5-star hotel room trashing.
* attempted to call my little brother, left 3 drunken messages on his voice mail, each one progressively angrier than the last.
* received the following message back from the aforementioned little brother, explaining why he missed my calls:

My bad about the other night. I was bummed I missed your calls. I was at a strip club and had to leave my phone in the car because it has a camera. I promise it won't happen again.

* discovered that there are roughly 300 döner shops in Hamburg -- it would be an investment of at least 960€ if I tried to visit them all and would take about roughly a year to do (if I were to bascially eat a döner per day). That's a lot of döners, and more importantly, probably a lot of shitty döners. A true labor of love, perhaps?
* went to brunch with some people, including (my favorite person living in Bochum) Cracky McCrack -- and realized that he's just like a taller, blonder, German-er (?) version of my brother-in-law Dave. And that is why we heart Cracky!
* made arrangements to spend some much-needed Quality Time with Schmidt this week.
* watched the Sunday re-broadcast of DSDS (aka German Idol) with Lady Etch
* Slept.

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