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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Filler Post #51 - 1 Timewaster and Reason #465 Why You Should Come To Germany*

PART I (The Timewaster):
I just spent something like the last 2 hours doing this Impossible Quiz. At first you're like, "Ok, this isn't sooo impossible." Then, you're like, "What the fuck?!" Then, with a defiant voice you declare, "I must finish for the honor and glory of my people!!!" Shortly thereafter you're like, "Man, my wrist hurts." Which leads to, "Fuck honor and glory, I'm hungry...and my wrist reaaaally hurts." I personally reached this last point around Question #77. And Buche just informed me that there's something like 110 Questions.

Eff that, yo...

PART II (The Reason):
In other news, I went to a flea market this weekend, where, in addition to buying a brand spankin new French press for cheapsies, I learned that a speculum will only set you back about 12€.

I did mention that this was at a flea market, right? There were like five different booths selling various medical equipment, including the aforementioned tool.


*= I think this could easily fit in Top 30 Reasons Not To Come To Germany. I don't know exactly where though. I imagine somewhere between Rollmops and Bavaria**.

**= Just kidding, Bavaria....or am I?

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