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Saturday, July 14, 2007

All that and a bathtub full of beer.

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Wohngemeinschaft or WG is a silly German word. It's usually translated into something like "shared apartment/flat", although neither of the base words that it's made of (wohnen = "living" and Gemeinschaft = "community") means either "apartment" or "sharing". They basically decided to invent a word to replace the sentence "Yeah, I've got (a) roommate(s)".

Anyway, the airplane gods have decided to once again steal my roommate from me (is it just me, or I'm I really laying it on thick about Schmidt, these days?). This kinda puts a wrench in our plans for throwing the best apartment-warming party the world has ever seen, since he's leaving on the 23rd.

Instead, we've moved it up to next Saturday, which basically gives us about a week to whip this place into shape. And by that...I mostly just mean getting some damn curtains before then.

I submitted my guest list to Schmidt (mostly my colleagues since the two of us pretty much roll with the same crew) and he entered the names into his fancy "party guest" Excel spreadsheet. This particular spreadsheet can be filtered to only show the potential guests that live locally or just the ones that live outside of Hamburg (who are more likely to not attend the party) . He's assigned an estimated 2.5 liters of beer per person, so at the bottom of spreadsheet -- based on the number of people who let us know that they are coming -- we know how much beer we'll need to buy.

Anyway, if you're in town and if I (for some unknown reason) forgot to send you an invitation then let me know and I'll put you on the guest list. VIP, baby!

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