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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Filler Post #54 - Hangovers = Bad

I didn't really get anything done on yesterday, my body was too busy hating me for Friday night's Whiskey/Cola Fun Time. See, there's a reason that I try to just stick to beer. It's because beer has been good to me. If I get a hangover, it's more or less tolerable and can be appeased with a long hot shower, some kind of greasy meat and a liter of an artificially flavored carbonated beverage.

Hard liquor hangovers make me want to die. Even if I'm lucky enough to avoid puking at some point in the evening, it's still quite possible that I'll end up hugging my toilet sometime the next day. Red wine hangovers aren't much better and a champagne/sparkling wine hangover is a rare thing for me and always a pretty good reminder of why I avoid the stuff.

At any rate, I was mostly just out of commission all day, but managed to pull myself together and go to Salim's birthday party. Salim, as you may or may not recall, is the guy who put me in my first headlock about six years ago. I sat with an open beer in my hand for a good 20 minutes before I worked up the nerve to take a sip. The first beer is always the toughest. And I figured with a hangover of this magnitude, I would need to down about three beers before I'd feel like socializing with anyone.

Somehow, I managed to drink the three beers, it was a good way to kind of ease me into the evening. After leaving Salim's party, we headed to the dorm party at RLH.

The quality of the RLH parties has severely declined since all of my friends have moved out and unless Schmidt and I are dj-ing there -- which we weren't last night -- the music really sucks. However, there's no beating the low low prices.

Upon arrival, the first person that I ran into was The Goodness. Now, I don't like to get into flings and hook-ups on my blog, because 1.) they're really probably the least interesting part of my life (at least to everyone but myself) and 2.) Biancadonk kinda has the subject on lockdown over on her site. But The Goodness -- despite being a tall, blond, Scandinavian death-metal lovin' German -- is The Goodness. Due to all of the hectic stuff that went into overdrive at the beginning of the year, I hadn't really thought about or seen him in months and all of a sudden it was like, "Oh yeah, you still exist. Awesome beard, I bet Satan loves it."

At some point along the evening, someone offered me a free bicycle that I shall hopefully claim at the end of the month. Yee haw. Soon after, having hit my beer limit (not to mention my tolerance limit for shitty salsa music), I decided to head home.

I woke up this morning feeling pretty good, aside from the fact that it felt like it was 5 million degrees inside of my room. I showered, cleaned up the living room and hallway floor, ate some greasy leftover chinese noodles and drank some Coke.

Thanks beer...

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