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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Oh, sweet goddess of caffeine...

I don't even like Starbucks Coffee. And I sometimes can't even help but get a little bit mad whenever I see one in Hamburg. Call me crazy, but I don't think there used to be that many around. Anyway, if I'm gonna go with a coffee chain, then I'll go with Bagel Brothers. Just not the one in Altona, because everyone that works there is a giant asshole. Great coffee, gigantic assdouches. Save yourself the trouble and go to the one in the Osterstrasse. They are nice. Also there's a cute guy that works there sometimes. Mmmmmm...cute baristas.

Most days, on my way to work, I stop by Café Tresinha, the Portuguese café around the corner from the office. There, I can get a very large café latte to-go for 2,20€. It kinda holds me over for the rest of the morning. After which, I gotta make my own using Fancy Hip Hop Magazine's (FHHM) French press. We have a new Senseo machine in the kitchen, but I refuse to use it anymore. It makes an ass-tastic cup of coffee. Seriously, it's awful. Here's the most befitting description that I've been able to find:

The Senseo Coffee Machine will brew a weak, bitter cup of coffee easier and faster than any brewing method on the market. If you prefer a weaker cup of coffee, but find instant coffee too challenging to brew, you may like the Senseo.

However, if you want an excellent and free cup of coffee, then the best place to go (hands down) is my sister Gillian's house. Give her a ring, find out if Dave is there (if it's early enough, he's probably the one who's gonna answer the phone anyway) and just head on over. Tell them Raven sent you. Freshly ground coffee beans, brewed with love. Delish. They've even got to-go cups. Sure, you'll have to chat with my sis for awhile...and she'll probably make you listen to the best of Hall and Oates. But this will be good for you. I promise. Plus, coffee.

Hall & Oates - Private Eyes

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