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Monday, July 09, 2007

This Contest is Crap #1(?)


Since some people seem to be a bit confused about this contest, I shall further elaborate:

ALL PARTICIPANTS are eligible to win the cool stuff (whether male or female or other). Only those who indicate on the form that they are interested in going to dinner with my roommate will be considered for the date and/or cool stuff. The reason for me asking if you're male or female at the beginning is because my roommate prefers boobies and vaginas for dating purposes. However, for winning a box of stuff purposes, it really doesn't matter to me if you're male or female or whatever.

(Click Below for Details)


In my ever-vigilant quest to help my roommate, Schmidt, find a very special lady who will take care of him in ways that I can't and won't, I came up with the brilliant idea of making an application/quiz/survey as a kind of a "screening/audition"-type process. My reasoning being that this tactic would save us both time and grief in the long run. Originally, I thought I could make some kind of internet "Date My Roommate" Contest, where the winner gets to (duh) go on a date with my roommate. After running the idea by Schmidt -- who by this point doesn't seem to give a crap about what I write about him on the internet (see his Myspace Profile) -- he raised a very valid concern, namely that I pretty much only hang out with guys in Germany. And it's true, every day is like a bratwurst party for me.

Still, I wanted to have a contest...because it sounded like fun. So, I re-tooled my idea a bit, hastily slapped some questions together, and here we are. If it goes well, I might do another one later. If it goes horribly awry...then you people are dead to me.

So, without further ado, I'd like to present you with Raven's inaugural (and perhaps only) "This Contest is Crap" Contest.

The name of this first event is called:
Date My Roommate or Win a Box of Random Cool Stuff (Or Both)


It's frighteningly simple. Just download and fill out the form at the bottom of this post (right click, save file), save your answers and send it back to me when you're done. I was gonna make a .pdf form, but it's a Word .doc form instead. Sorry. You might notice that the questions are really random and about my roommate. That's cause I'm still trying to get that fool a date. But that's not the only thing you could possibly win -- as indicated by the title.

There are 31 questions, plus a bonus question. Some are multiple choice, some are fill in the blank. There aren't a lot of questions with a strictly "right" or "wrong" answer. If you can't choose between A and B, choose both. If you don't like any of the choices given and there's not a text box to write in an answer, then make up an answer that you like better in the body of the email when you're sending the test back. If you feel like writing the non-multiple choice answers in another language, just make sure that the other language is German. Creativity has the potential to beat out the cold hard facts.


A date with this guy, paid for by me, to one of the two finest restaurants in the city of Hamburg, Germany: IKEA-Moorfleet or IKEA-Schnelsen (your choice, my treat).

Note about Schmidt: he's cute, nice, very honest, intelligent, hard-working, knows a couple of decent recipes, hangs out with me a lot, owns some really cool shit and smells really good.

P.S. I will not pay for you to come to Germany.


A box of random cool stuff. This could be CDs, t-shirts, candy, who knows? It won't suck though and I will send it to where ever you are in the entire world!!!!

OR...maybe there will be two winners (one for the date, one for the box).


Crappy Questions

Send the answers to: winsomecrappystuff at yahoo dot com

Contest ends July 31st, 2007 (I forward-dated this post so that it stays at the top until the deadline, new entries are below).

SO, play and tell your friends that I'm giving away some crap.

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