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Thursday, August 02, 2007

He says, "Jump..."

I ask, "Dude...why?!"

Then he says..."Because I want you to."

Then, I imagine his big blue eyes welling up with tears and his bottom lip beginning to quiver. It's at that time that I know that if I don't comply, I'll have to deal with the waterworks unless I prove otherwise.

I will do anything for my roomie, including posting videos that I feel are waaaay too much of a political statement for my retarded blog. He heard the song "Bin Laden" somewhere in France (go figure that one) and hasn't really been able to shut up about it since. It's a collaboration from 2005 between rappers Immortal Technique and Mos Def. If you're familiar with Immortal Technique, this track isn't going to come as much as a surprise. He's anti-establishment...goodness gracious me!

The thing that lead me to post the song/video seen above, is the fact that I discovered there was a remix of the "Bin Laden" featuring Chuck D and KRS-ONE. Not as though the song wasn't making a strong enough political statement...

I was trying to think of who they could have added in order to make an even stronger statement. And, really, only maybe Dead Prez and Nas (with his usual afrocentric history lessons) would have been the icing on this über-political track.

Then, I recalled the song I (by sheer coincidence) downloaded last year on my computer at work. I feel as though I sense a theme...

"Impeach the President" - DJ Green Lantern ft. Immortal Technique, Saigon, Dead Prez

There you go, Schmidt...are you happy now?

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