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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Live Mukke

I'll try to keep this brief. If you want an even briefer, German concert review (written in 3min 30sec) go visit Toby.

Went to another Viva con Agua Wassertage concert last night. This time it was a bunch of acts including: Illo, Creme Fresh, Maeckes (sans Plan B), and the (somewhat annoyingly) ubiquitous Schmuf Hamburg people.

Here's a quick rundown:

Schmuf Hamburg: I wanna like Schmuf Hamburg. They've got a cool logo and a good concept. They've even got some MCs with a lot of potential and I for one think that pregnant rappers are pretty cool. However, I'd rather see them use their powers for good...instead of for wasting my time with meaningless drivel.

Beatbox Elliot:
I don't know who this dude was and for all I know he could be the nicest guy on the planet, but as cool as beatboxing one should be allowed to do it for more than 10 minutes. Even Rahzel. It's an artform that quickly wears out its novelty and welcome.

Illo: He rolled up in the spot with much of Hamburg's Finest in tow. Did his set, which was mostly unintelligle -- but quite loud. Then peaced out with his posse immediately afterwards. I feel sory for him though, because in theory he has all the right tools available to be a really great rapper: good production, a New Era cap to match every outfit...and he’s like totally BFF with Samy Deluxe. Every time I see him, I think, "Maybe this will be the time when he blows me away." But nope... his verse in K2 remains his career highlight for me.

Maeckes: I was quite impressed by the performance. Less flashy than Illo and the Gang, but about 100 times more entertaining. Dude rhymed his ass off. I don't know why I wasn't paying attention before, but I am now. He gets my vote for keeper of the German hip-hop flame

Creme Fresh: I feel bad for Creme Fresh, cause they are nice guys (I briefly chatted with them using my patented, I'm-a-dumb-American-butchering-the-German-language routine). They were, however, also the last to go on stage. It was maybe a little after 1am. People were gone and those still there were kinda tired. It was also kind of the same show the did when they opened for Blumentopf, but longer. Also they freestyled. Very well, I'd like to add.

It was nearly 3am when I finally got home. Toby and I walked from the Waagenbau, since waiting for a bus would have taken longer. I overslept this morning and was late for work. I'm taking a nap when I get home.

Tomorrow night, I've decided I will pass on seeing Nico Suave & Friends, and will most likely spend the evening on my couch with my friends* watching movies.

*= If you are a friend that would like to join me in this endeavor, feel free to drop by my place around 8pm-ish. If you let me know beforehand, I might even give you something to eat.

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