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Monday, September 03, 2007

F**k swords and mosquitos and subway strikes. Yea HafenCity!

East Magdeburg Harbor

With only a few weeks of summer left, it's pretty much safe to say that everyone has given up on the idea of summer ever arriving in Hamburg. I know I have. It's been nippy as fuck lately. And when I say "lately" I mean "since June". Whatevs, though. I'm not a big fan of summer in the first place and maybe if the weather's decent (read: not raining), Schmidt and I will do our long awaited M.O.P. in the Schanzenpark this weekend. And maybe it'll just be the two of us, which is totally fine by me, as I shall quite enjoy his splendid company.*

One thing that I'm totally pysched about is the death of all these fucking mosquitoes. Coming from Oklahoma -- where the summers are hot and moist and where (rather randomly, I admit) West Nile Virus threat levels are reported every night on the news -- I'm no stranger to the little buggers, but this summer has been particularly harsh on me for some reason.** However, heretofore the worst mosquitoes that I'd ever encountered were in Rotterdam. That city was also very humid and very warm. And there were some kind of mutant dutch gigantor mosquitoes that feasted upon your limbs while you slept and used your bedsheets as napkins to wipe your blood off their giant mutant blood suckers. It was annoying and gross...

But the ones that I'm talking about right now are regular little mosquitoes -- that are causing big 6-8+ inch allergic reactions on my arms. Two tiny bites made my right hand swell up to like the size of a baseball mitt (approximately). Not cute, I'm telling you. You'd think the cold would make these suckers go away. Think again. Last night, I thought I'd be clever and wear long pants, socks and a sweatshirt*** to bed in hopes of limiting the amount of damage. This morning, I woke up with a mosquito bite on the left side of face.**** Luckily, the same swelling thing that went on with my hand didn't occur on my face and after applying some kind of gel and a couple of anti-allergy pills, I was mad groggy but alright.

By the way, if anybody knows where/how to find out when the subway/train people are striking in advance, could you let me know? Don't say TV or the newspaper. Tell me somewhere on the internets. Or send me a text message. I'm sick of going to catch a train, only to get below ground and find out that it's a strike day. Then, I have to go all the way to Altona and catch the #25 bus and it totally makes me late and pissed off well into the afternoon.

Lastly, FHHM is finally moving into our new offices in the HafenCity. I'm all a-flutter with anticipation. Actually, I just want my desk and chair to be there on Monday. This doesn't seem like too much to ask for; however, if you looked around the office, it doesn't necessarily look like people who are getting ready to move anywhere. In fact, it kinda looks like they went to the Raven C. Lebrookski School of Fuck a Plan, Let's Just Hastily Throw This Shit into Boxes and Get the Fuck Outta Dodge. I'm torn as to whether or not this is a good or bad thing.

*= Spot the inside joke in this sentence.
** = You said it, sister.
*** = Not the cutest look, but hey, Ramadan is coming up so not looking cute is a good thing, I suppose. *Sigh* I kid, I kid...
**** = 'Cause I love to sleep the fuck outta my right side.

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