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Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Hamburg equivalent of a Snow Day

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Although I dislike the idea of Schmidt being cooped up in the hospital, I'm quite enjoying the ability to be utterly lazy on a Sunday, without the guilt. Not that Schmidt verbally makes me feel guilty about sleeping til noon on a Sunday, but the mere fact that he's up bright and early, regardless of the previous evening's activities -- well, I just feel like it's pretty unfair.

And I figured, since I just sent The Boy out on a snack-run to Lidl, that I should take a few minutes to update and tell y'all about the time that I got to go home early from work.

See, remember when I told you about how the FHHM offices moved to the HafenCity area of Hamburg? The new office is fantastic and the HafenCity area is going to be pretty like about seven years (or more). Right now, however, the general area surrounding the office is a giant construction site (see picture at the top of the post).

Additionally, the HafenCity, being low-lying and close to water (Hafen = harbor), is somewhat susceptible to flooding. Now, here's the cool part for people who work there:

If the water level gets too high, everybody just gets to go home. The authorities literally go around with their bullhorns and tell everyone evacuate the offices. This is exactly what happened on Friday. My boss didn't seem all too happy about it, but just about everyone else at FHHM was pretty psyched about getting to leave early.

I would write more, but The Boy has returned with refreshments...and we're going to resume watching American Gangster.

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