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Monday, December 17, 2007

Y'all don't want none of this

How good ideas are born

Last week was full of merriment and laziness. Just the way I like it.

One evening, The Boy made a remark regarding how I’ve been neglecting my blog. I told him that if he wants more blog updates, then he should be around less, but he can’t have it both ways. Alright, maybe I said this in my head – but I meant to say it out loud. I just didn’t want to hurt his widdle feewings. I can’t write with people looking/reading over my shoulder is all...

I also found out recently that my German legal junk has officially been resolved. I’m not gonna get into it. Suffice it to say, it was good news and cause for a celebration. I wanted to party, but without the hassle of organizing and planning an actual party – and not with like a whole bunch of people, just a few „key players“ in my success. And maybe without dedicating an entire evening to the affair.

So, I had the brilliant idea of doing a Power Hour and then let everyone do whatever it is they wanted to do afterwards. I proposed (to myself) a guestlist of no more than 6 people and roughly 5 beers per person – I’m sure you can figure the math out for yourself there.

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With Etch and Buche out of town, there was really only like 4 other people who came to mind (who actually live in Hamburg): Schmidt, Toby, Wonfuzius and The Boy. Plans were made.

I was pretty excited because I’d wanted to play Power Hour with Germans for the longest time, but no one ever wanted to play with me. Germans like to play difficult drinking games that require numbers and thinking and deception, so they couldn’t really grasp the concept of 1 shot of beer every minute for 60 minutes. I suppose it's just not complicated enough... or something.

Still, the results were interesting.

Toby dropped out of the game within the first 15 minutes. To his credit, he had already had 3 beers beforehand (rookie mistake) and it’s a well-known fact that he’s a marathon beer drinker and not a sprinter. The Boy held up for a good 40 minutes or so, after incurring a penalty for going to the bathroom and then giving up altogether because he wanted to go smoke. Wonfuzius showed up around 15 minutes before the game ended.

Only Schmidt and I managed to survive to the very end and we were fairly sauced. There were, however, consequences to our actions. Shortly thereafter, I „pulled a Schmidt“* and Schmidt, well he managed to (what I can only assume is) have an entire conversation with Wonfuzius, thinking that he was speaking to me the entire time. I say „assume“ because the next day he was asked me why I needed to borrow his spare computer mouse and insisted that I made him pull out and empty a box so that he could find it.

Anyway, that was pretty much the main event of the weekend, unless you count updating my StudiVZ and Facebook profiles – which you probably don’t. Like I said at the beginning, merriment and laziness.

This week is full of work work work before I take a break before the holidays.

In lieu of the traditional Christmas Tacos and Life of Brian, this year I will be celebrating Christmas in Dortmund – eating, well... I honestly don’t know what Germans traditionally eat for Christmas. Goose? Probably pork in some form...

Then, it’s off to Dresden to ring in 2008 with The Boy.

That ought to be interesting.


*= Pulling a Schmidt is where you invite people to your residence, but either purposefully or accidentally neglect them by locking yourself in your room with another person, whilst engaging in what is known as "hanky-panky". (Original reference: Brooks/Schmidt, housewarming party)

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