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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Poppin' fresh or hardly poppin?

It's not that the whole blogging thing has become boring to me; I really wish that I could do more updates. It's just that I feel like I really haven't had all that many exciting things to write about lately. Well, I mean things that I want to share with anyone who might stumble upon this page. My life is more or less the same ball of what-the-fuckness that it was about 3 weeks ago, but quite a bit of stuff goes beyond the boundaries of what I want to reveal to you guys.

So, after going through my entire self-censoring process -- I'm left with the story of the second biggest decision that I've faced in the past week and a half, namely the dilemma of when is it appropriate for someone to finally change their relationship status on _____ (fill in the blank here with your preferred social networking website)? Très exciting, right?

Yeah, I know.

Anyway, most of me feels like such concerns are not only extremely trivial, but also the realm of 13-year-old little girls of the "OMG!!1!Boyz r LoLz!!" variety. And, of course, I want to do like I'm above such petty vanity -- like, "Sorry guys, I'm off the market. You had your chance to bone me, but not anymore. According to Myspace/Facebook/StudiVZ/(and yes, even) Friendster, I am taken. Now, I command thee to go forth and wait with bated breath to see if this status changes! Muah-ha-ha- ha-ha!!!1!" It's all pretty ridiculous.

That said, I already changed it on Facebook awhile back, which planted the idea in my head to change the rest of my profiles...for the sake of uniformity *cough cough* right, of course. But then, being home sick and off of work gave me time to really debate in my head (for a week), whether or not to add this tidbit to my social networking profiles. Plural "s", as in more than one. That's really sad.

Unlike many people, I don't worry too much about the information that I reveal about myself online. I'm comfortable with the information that I've put out there and as for my employer, I'm #5 on their Top Myspace Friends list -- it would worry me more if I were to suddenly disappear from this list for no reason.

But for some reason, I feel like this was some sort of monumental step...towards... well, I'll have to get back you to on that one. Needless to say, I went ahead and did it. Feel free to go double check if you're that bored.

In other fascinating news you can't use (that is, unless you could use about five fewer minutes of your life). I started up a fun game/project/blog with The Boy, in which we issue short photo scavenger hunt challenges to each other. It's called Photo Battle Supreme. The first challenge is up and the deadline has been extended, because I didn't get around to taking pictures last week.

Don't worry though, I'll remind you again later.

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