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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Sick Pimpin Winter Tour 2007/2008: Dresden

... I'll tell you all about how it went very soon, but not right now. In the meantime, enjoy the pictures.


Ok, so the pictures have been up for a few days, I think it's about time for the re-cap. First off, Happy 2008, everyone! My last update, I had recently arrived in Dresden and managed to slightly insult my roommate, albeit unintentionally. I maintain that I was somewhat hopped up on Sinupret and cough drops, which we all know is quite the hallucinogenic combination.

Some of you may recall way back when (in 2004), I had another blog entitled I went to a party last Saturday night..., wherein I detailed my adventures in the city of Dresden. You may also recall that I was particularly very fond of the city. Roughly four years later, I happened to meet and grow quite fond of a young lad who just happens to hail from that very city (Dresden) by way of Giessen. I thought it would be a good idea to visit him over New Year's.

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As it turned out, it was a very good idea, indeed. For the most part, I hardly even noticed that I was back in Dresden. I mean, duh...I knew where I was, but the feelings of hostility that I had anticipated having upon my arrival were virtually non-existent. I guess time really does heal all wounds or some junk like that. Also, it helped that The Boy and I kept a pretty late schedule and for the most, part didn't manage to leave the apartment until it was getting dark anyway.

One of my very first orders of business after my arrival was to meet The Mom (The Boy's mama, of course). My chaste teenage years had not really prepared me for the whole co-ed, meet the parents sleepover thing...and for the whole adulthood thing it was more of a don't ask, don't tell (at least not till you're married) kind of thing with me and my parents. So, this was kind of new territory for me -- though, in the end, not as daunting as I imagined it in my mind.

The Mom is quite a lovely person. It helped put me at ease when she introduced herself by first name, because I'm never sure what to do in these situations and I didn't want to call her Ms. The Boy's Mom or do the whole Mama (Insert The Boy's Mom's Last Name) thing. In contrast to The Boy, she's a bit on the short side and also softer spoken. And, from what I could determine from my 10-day visit, she is apparently Germany's hardest working teacher. While the The Boy and I stayed up late and slept in, The Mom always got up early even though she went to bed shortly before us. The entire time she was grading papers. I feel like she should get some kind of reward. I mean like a really real reward...preferably monetary...and not like a certificate.

On Saturday, December 29th, The Boy, his boys Futzi and FQ and I took a trip to the Czech Republic. This is just like a 45-minute train ride and barge ride to the other side of the Elbe River. Our goal was to buy cigarettes and beer, cause it's cheaper there. We arrived at a Czech border town, with a marketplace where you can buy a bunch of cheap stuff from Asians. Yeah, the whole place was like a giant 1€ Shop -- except the shop owners bug the shit out of you to buy stuff and they sell bootleg pornos.

We ate lunch at this hunting lodge-type restaurant, with animals skins and weapons on the walls. It was soooo cheap and soooo much food.

The boys, as I'm going to call them collectively, are pretty amusing. Sometimes, I was thinking in my head, "Jesus, you guys are so mean to each other" -- but it's ok, cause it's all out of love. Platonic dude love ... as well as a mutual appreciation for pull-my-finger-fart-jokes. Oh, we certainly weren't short on those.

New Year's Eve was one of the best I've had in years. Believe it or not, I've never had one of those stroke-of-midnight kisses -- I was either going to church or gettin drunk (one extreme or the other, with little room in between) -- so I was looking forward to the occasion. I even kinda dressed up for lie.

The Boy also dressed up, then decided that he apparently looked too good and did not want hordes of women throwing themselves at him... so he put on a kind of ridiculous outfit, which sent the clear message of, "I'm all yours, baby!"

I let him leave the house like that, thinking that some self-policing from his peers would occur. However, I was wrong -- there were just more fart jokes. I did get my midnight kiss, though. So, I can't say I left empty handed.

Much of the trip was spent simply kickin it, playing board games, watching The Boy play Max Payne 2, and general vegging out with a side of adult-themed activities. Very relaxing. I had intended on coming back home sooner, but ended up extending my stay for three days.

Towards the end of my visit, The Boy took me for a nice little stroll across the "Blaues Wunder" (a big blue bridge) and up the side of a hill/mountain via train, with the goal of gazing out upon the city and drinking tea. It was quite a lovely idea. Unfortunately, it was also butt ass cold. He snuck us onto the terrace of a fancy hotel, but I chickened out about being there, even though in his words, "The worst thing that could happen is that someone yells at us."

I don't particularly like being yelled at; plus, I'm (half-)black, so I always assume people are gonna think I'm some sort of criminal. So, I forced him to abandon his romantical idea and we returned home to eat raclette and watch a movie. Still, many bonus points were earned.

On Sunday, January 6th, I took the train back to Hamburg and got back home around 1am-ish and returned to civilian life, ready to face 2008 and whatever shit it may or may not decide to fling at me.

Sadly, I had to leave The Boy behind in Dresden, but I'm sure this won't be the last you hear about him -- so, quit crying, you pansies...

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