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Monday, January 14, 2008

This is a test, right?

Dear RBF,

you know I like you guys, right? Big fan here. Even though people say, "Yeah, I liked Reel Big Fish...back in like 1998." I mean, when someone asks, "Hey, what's your favorite band, Raven?" And they know I'm like all hippity-hoppity and whatnot, I still will tell them, "Reel Big Fish."

I know we had this thing going for awhile, whenever y'all came to Hamburg like the day after I had to leave to go back to the States. Still, I managed to see you guys twice. Plus, once when you opened for 50 Cent at the UMass Spring Concert. $5 with my student ID! My first concert: I even got to go backstage. I could have died that night.

I told people, Reel Big Fish is the only band I'd see for any price, because you're worth it. I think it's great that you got out of your record contract. But seriously, guys... 19.25€ ?! That's like 29 bucks, yo... and I've grown very accustomed to not paying for concert tickets at all. Sadly, I cannot pull the whole, "I'll write a concert report for a spot on the guest list" trick. That's just a blatant lie. I mean, I could do that, but we'd never publish it...for FHHM was and is a hip-hop magazine. It even says it in it's name -- Fancy Hip Hop Magazine.

Is this some sort of test for my loyalty. I mean, I just saw you guys back a few months ago in Knust and paid like 13€. And now you're playing the same I don't get it...explain please.

Now, I'm sorry, you're right. You don't NEED an explanation...
I'd just reely appreciate it. Reely ... get it?

*cough cough*




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