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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Daily Operation

This is probably my favorite picture of me from this past weekend. Blue sky, my hair blowing in a light breeze and it looks like I’m wearing the Berlin TV tower as a party hat. I mean, other than that last little tidbit...I look pretty dang cute.

Last weekend I went in Berlin, and spent the time Berlining it up with The Boy. Sorry, people who live in Berlin or who may have been in Berlin at the same time as me, but who I did not have the foresight to contact beforehand. My apologies to Benny and Kerstin, both of whom I informed at the last minute, then flaked out and cancelled. And, lastly, a big sorry Supa D., because I haven’t actually called her for awhile although I’ve been meaning to, but things happen and I forget. I didn’t get in touch with her this time around because I figured 1.) she’d be doing her Politaoke art stuff in the public spaces of Weimar (and whatnot) and 2.) the trip was a bit of a compromise that enabled me and The Boy to meet up after a month of not seeing each other, without one person having to exert him or herself more than the other – in terms of traveling, time, expenses, etc. Berlin is kind of a halfway point between Hamburg and Dresden.

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I can’t really take credit for the idea, as it was The Boy’s suggestion, but I will take credit for setting the plan into motion. Go me, I rock. I got my romantical on and there's not any more to say about that.

In other news this week, I don’t have a desk as the moment. At home, I mean. At work, I totally have a desk. And a brand new flat screen monitor. Huzzah! Anyway, this sort of hinders the whole writing process a bit (again, the not having a desk at home thing). I kind of just have my monitor sitting on a folding chair and I sit on my bed and type. I like to pretend that I’ve just got like a really, really, really old school laptop. I won’t be able to rectify this situation until the weekend.

Also, if you have like a vehicle of some sort and live in the greater Hamburg area and perhaps want to drive me to Ikea for a desk (and then back home). Well, I’d totally be into that.... and would repay you, I suppose.

Lastly, I just want to send out a big fuck you to the Lidl supermarket in the Altona train station. What the fuck, Lidl?! I thought we were friends? Remember all those good times when I was in Dresden and you were like the only store open on Sundays? The days in Barmbek when you where right around the corner? The nights we spent making love on the shores of the River Elbe... oh, ahem...anyway, I think you know what I mean.

You were like the awesome discount grocery store – with your „ethnic food“ specials and your Snacky Cracky-brand products. Aldi is for old people and Penny is for bums. I’m sorry Lidl (in the Altona train station), you’re always busy and the lines are always long no matter what time of day I go in there and even if all of the cash register lines are open.

But what to do? The next nearest Lidl is the one on the Reeperbahn and like just about everywhere on the Reeperbahn, it’s kinda nasty and smells like pee. You’ve really backed me into a corner here. And for that --- I fucking hate you (Lidl in the Altona train station). Blurg. Fuck you.

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