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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Lucky #7

Now it's completely official. Here's the last picture that I needed for my photo scavenger list. Number 7: Someone walking into a trap. It's a victory that cannot be taken from me.

I don't think that I have to reiterate how much I fucking hate the Lidl in the Altona train station.

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I went there Friday morning on my way to work, because once a month we have a little company breakfast and I pick up all the stuff we need. It was like maybe 8:15am and the place hadn't even been open for that long, but it was already kinda busy. When I got to the register and paid -- I accidentally forgot to get the receipt, which is kinda key for stuff like, you know, getting reim-fucking-bursed. It dawned on me 5 seconds later, so I turned around and went back to the register and tried to ask the lady working there for the receipt. Except she wouldn't look at me and just kept saying, "Just a sec, just a sec." Ten customers later, she finally acknowledged me. I explained the problem and she was like, "Oh, you waited too long. There's nothing I can do except give you this trash can full of receipts to sort through. It hasn't been that long, so it's probably near the top."

So, while I'm sorting through her cash register trash, I'm thinking, "Shit, this place doesn't even want me to give it a chance!" I did that for like 10 minutes longer than I probably should have and then told the chick, "Hey, I can't find it and I'm not leaving without some kind of proof of this purchase. Just write down the total on a piece of paper and sign and stamp that ish..." And she's like, "I need to ask my manager, because I don't think we can do that." And I'm like, "Fine...bitch" ('cept, you know, without the bitch part)

I had to wait for the manager to come back from her smoke break, of course. Then, I got to explain the whole story over to her and had to hear the same, "No, I don't think we can help you with that." So, I go, "Y'all don't have any of those regular receipt pads or anything? Can't just make like a goddamn handwritten receipt?!"

Answer: No they cannot.

The manager resumed digging through the trash for me to find that receipt. She found it too, which I suppose was nice, but this method kind of wasted a lot of my time and WHOLE lot of of hers.

What kind of place that sells stuff doesn't have any receipt books lying around ... just in case. I even got a receipt book in my desk and I. Don't. Even. Sell. Shit. But who knows? Maybe someday someone will walk up to my desk and say, "Hey, can you hit me up with a receipt?" And I can be like, "Sure thing, buddy...let me just get out my handy...receipt book. Bladow!" (I would produce the pad and say "bladow!" at the same time, for effect).

Anyway, after that debacle, I'm really for real done with the Lidl in the Altona train station. I found another supermarket to serve both my need for sustenance and my need to complete errands in a somewhat circular pattern.

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