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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Shovel it...

I find it quite difficult to justify/explain the gaps between posts. Sometimes it can be attributed to laziness, but most of the time it’s due to the seemingly unending string of unbelievably un-fun shit that we here at the offices of "It’s Not Raven, It’s Crap" are forced to deal with. And, of course, when I say "we" I mean "me" and when I say "offices" I again mean "me perched atop my bed" – cause yeah, still no desk over here.

Always keeping my loyal reader(s?) in mind, I feel like I don’t want to burden you all with my semi- and/or full blown crises. My blog is a happy place and a peek behind the scenes will only serve to demonstrate that – oh my god – you should just never try to do anything ever, as a complete and total failure is really the only likely outcome of your efforts. Also, I don’t want really want to read any "Gee, that super sucks" comments. I mean, sentiments are nice and all, but I am usually more than fully aware of the suckiness levels of any not-so-great situation in which I happen to find myself.

The problem is that I feel like some of these gaps really wreck the whole continuity of my writing. Things happen, new people and/or settings get written into and out of the "script" and it all gets mighty confusing after awhile.

So, for the purposes of full disclosure, I’m going to briefly mention something that happened at the beginning of the week since I feel this bit of information has the potential to drastically change future postings and I don’t want y’all to be all like, "Wait, what just happened?"

Here goes:

On Monday, I got laid

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off from my job.

Ain’t it funny how four little words attached to the end of a sentence can make something that should sound so appealing entirely the opposite of appealing?

That said, it’s not like the worst thing that’s ever happened (though admittedly, also not the best). It will be kind of busy around here for awhile because I have just a bunch of shit to get done in a relatively short time span, as to (once again) avoid being booted out of the country. *Sigh* I know, you thought we were done with this, right? Yeah, you and me both buddy...

Well, the good news is that I’ve somehow (Read: via Schmidt) managed to get a new job offer super fast. It would pay significantly more than the approximately 2 €, a piece of pocket lint and a TicTac that I currently earn, but comes with a significantly lower amount of rappers and free concerts. You win, some you lose some, right?

This all leaves me to (ONCE AGAIN) attempt to power headfirst through German bureaucracy, which is totally the part that I'm least looking forward to.

Anyway, Monday morning I was skyping The Boy while I was at work (which believe it or not had nothing to do with my termination). He asked me how I slept the night before. I told him I had this kind of upsetting dream about work. What does this have to do with anything? Nothing, but by 5pm that day I had gotten the news. So, I suppose the dream simply lends credence to my theory that Mulattos possess some kind psychic powers more highly developed than the psychic powers of non-Mulattos...

I left work early to go home and immediately sprang into action!

Well, that is if you count a tearful rage as an "action". Then a somewhat drunken rage after Schmidt presented me with beer and ice cream (I've got him so well trained!). There was no real "springing" done.

Still, somewhere in between I managed to update my resume and by 11pm that night I had a vague offer for a new job, which solidified a bit more yesterday. So, all is not completely lost.

Oh, and I bought a cute pair of brown, pointy-toed boots – which I really don’t actually see myself wearing all that much, but they were inexpensive and make me about 2 inches taller.

The End

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