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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Tuesday was Tunde!

OH MAN! I love it when people come visit me. It happens so much the opposite of frequently. This week, I had the good fortune of welcoming my surrogate brother (from another mother), Tunde, into our humble apartment. He arrived Tuesday night and left this morning -- a pretty short visit -- so I took the picture posted above this morning, simply because I wanted photographic evidence of event.

He got in at about 8pm on Tuesday, short notice (he decided to take a train from Frankfurt around 3pm), and I was somewhat at a loss of what to do when he got in. Tuesday is not exactly the most poppin day of the week in Hamburg City.

I brought him home, introduced him to Schmiddy and the three of us went out to the Reeperbahn where we showed him the world famous Herbertstrasse (well, Schmiddy did anyway), then the Esso gas station, then Lunacy for a couple of Mexikaner shots.

Schmidt went home before midnight because he wanted to go to this place called "work" the next day. This left me and Tunde to our own devices, whereupon we decided to go to The Jump Off in the China Lounge . I suppose, if you want to go hear rap music on a weeknight and don't want to pay a bajillion Euros ... then that's the place to be. I've only been there once before and though I think the music's a bit of alright, the people that go there are super annoying -- thus, I avoid the place.

However, Tunde thoroughly enjoyed himself. And because I'm a pretty awesome wingman. He even got to get a little makeout action and I conversated with some of the dudes from K.I.Z. (who'd stopped by FFHM earlier in the day).

We got home around 4:30am. I went to work kinda drunk and late on Wednesday.

I did not give a fuck though.

People should visit me more often.

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